Our  business references

The missions of LSN

  • Promote the logistics excellence of the Seine axis.

  • Support companies to support their competitiveness.

  • Provide logistical expertise to reflections on land development.

  • Lobbying public decision-makers.

The Nov@log competitiveness cluster is the key player for the emergence, support, labeling and research financing of innovative collaborative projects in logistics and supply chain at the service of economic development of companies.

By offering solutions that are as close as possible to organizations, uses and markets, Nov@log contributes to the emergence of promising industrial projects.

AUTF, the French professional association of shippers
The AUTF represents industrial and commercial companies in their role as transport contractors. For more efficient, more reliable and safer transport in the service of business competitiveness. Transport and logistics are complex, changing and highly regulated sectors. They are a strategic issue in terms of service, organization and cost for companies. The AUTF provides its members with information and advice in order to better understand the developments in this sector.
Its fields of intervention extend to all modes of transport as well as all related activities (legal, customs, international trade ...)

ACTIZLOG is referenced as a consulting company by the AUTF

Ensure good management of the French network of waterways for the development of activities
fluvial: this is the core business of Voies navigables de France.
To do this, the staff carry out on a daily basis the various missions entrusted by the State:
• Operate, maintain, improve, expand and promote the network.
• Promote, develop river transport and contribute to modal shifting.
• Ensure the hydraulic management of the tracks and, as an accessory, exploit the hydraulic energy.
• Contribute to sustainable development and regional planning.
• Preserve biodiversity and ecological continuity.

ACTIZLOG is referenced as a modal shift consulting company by VNF

HAROPA, the alliance of the great maritime port of Le Havre, the large seaport of Rouen and the autonomous port of Paris was created in 2012 with the aim of forming a port system with a European dimension in the field of industry, logistics and tourism at the service of its customers.
In fact, the first French port system with, in 2016, 87 Mt of maritime traffic and more than 20.2 million tons of river traffic, HAROPA is 5th in the North Range. 

MARSEILLE FRET has a shipowner vocation, that is to say at the same time the ownership and the armament of the ships. MARSEILLE FRET counts today 32 French officers. The rest of the crews (100 sailors, officers and sailors) are foreigners. MARSEILLE FRET has a crew management contract with VSHIPS.
It is at the heart of the system, led by Raymond VIDIL and Bernard VIDIL and is a maritime carrier. MARFRET counts today 142 people. MARFRET's clients consists mainly of freight forwarders, to whom must be added industrial customers. The spectrum of the clients is important with more than 500 customers.

The Chamber has two essential missions:

  • Animation of the Finnish business community in France

  • The commercial support of French companies wishing to establish themselves in Finland.

Privileged meeting place between French and Finnish businessmen, the French Chamber ensures a mission of general interest. This mission has five interrelated aspects:

  • Promote business contacts between members around targeted events

  • Provide concrete support to French companies in their approach to the Finnish market, in cooperation with its partners, in France and Finland, foremost among which is the Finnish Chamber

  • Welcoming and directing requests for support from Finnish companies to France sent by the Finnish Chamber

  • Constitute a body representing Franco-Finnish business interests more broadly

  • Contribute to any initiative or project likely to favor and develop economic and cultural exchanges between France and Finland

ACTIZLOG is a member of the Chamber in Paris and Helsinki

The mission of the France Ireland Chamber of Commerce (FICC) is to support increased trade between France and Ireland and attract potential investors in both countries.

FICC role

The FICC is a non-profit, non-political and religious non-profit association of French companies, non-French companies wishing to develop their relations with France and businessmen representing French economic interests in Ireland.

ACTIZLOG is a member of the Chamber in Dublin